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FAQ about Wheelchair Lifts for home use:

How much does a vertical platform lift cost?

Most often the wheelchair lift price is less than the cost of installing a ramp. A ramp must be at least 12” long for every 1 inch of rise. Which means even if you only have a 10” high porch, your ramp would need to be at least 10 feet long. There is a lot of skilled labor involved in building a ramp, so the cost can be quite high when you consider the amount of material and the time it will take.

The Freedom Wheelchair Lifts take up significantly less space, and can be installed in a few hours, if the site is prepared. Customers have found that wheelchair porch lift prices are significantly lower than the quotes they’ve received for having a ramp installed.

How quickly can I receive the residential porch lift?

Production time for the residential porch lifts depend on the model, configuration and optional add-ons. The factory often has one of the standard 52” straight through wheelchair lifts in stock, however most wheelchair lifts take about 2 to 3 weeks to manufacture, plus shipping time from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

How much room do wheelchair platform lifts take up?

Accessibility Professionals offers platform lifts for home use with lifting heights between 28” and 53”. There are also different configurations available in the smaller sizes; a straight through or an adjacent wheelchair platform lift. Check dimension drawings for overall footprint. You'll need to install the lift on a 60" x 60" concrete pad. Remember to leave enough clearance space over the lift to account for someone standing on the lift:

Who can install the Freedom home lift systems?

Depending on where your home is located, your local building permit office may have certain requirements about the lift itself and who is authorized to do residential lift installations. Always check with local authorities for permit requirements. If you are receiving any funding for this type of home modification (for example, by Veterans Affairs), the funding organization may also have certain criteria regarding who is authorized to install these home lift systems.

However, if you have confirmed that there is no such requirement for residential lift installations in your area (municipal or state), these lifts are easy to install. Here’s what you need to know to decide what skills are needed to install the Freedom Wheelchair Platform lifts:

  • The site must be prepared with a level concrete pad.
  • The upper landing must be secure and level.
  • A travel wall may need to be installed if there is an open space underneath the deck.
  • An upper railing and upper landing gate may need to be installed, depending on the height required.
  • A 110 VAC 15A electrical receptacle must be provided within 6 feet of the tower side of the wheelchair lifts (up to 12’ cords are available). If there is no outlet close by, preferably a dedicated circuit, then an electrician will needed to add one.
  • The wheelchair platform lifts can weigh 600-1000lbs, so the installation will require a few strong individuals and a dolly to move the tower. 
  • There is some assembly required, so someone who is capable of reading installation instructions and has the required tools should be able to install the wheelchair platform lifts.

Freedom Wheelchair Porch Lifts offer best value

A Freedom wheelchair lift for home use have a weight capacity of  either 600lbs or 750lbs, which should accommodate a person in an electric scooter or someone in a wheelchair. Wheelchair platform lifts vertically transfer you from your porch to your driveway, allowing you to go anywhere you want. Our wheelchair lifts are an economical solution to home accessibility. Available for maximum lifting heights 53" or less, we can help you select from our home lift systems to suit your individual needs.

What else can I do to make my home accessible?

Adding an exterior wheelchair lift to gain access to your home is a great first step to making your home accessible for all family members and visitors. The next step should be making your bathroom accessible since this room can be the most difficult to use when you have limited mobility or depend on a wheelchair or walker to get around. If possible a main floor bathroom should be accessible. Adding a curbless or barrier free shower will greatly reduce the dangers of slips and falls while transitioning into a shower. Adding grab bars and a shower bench will make this even safer. Visit freedomshowers.com to see the many options available for your bathroom, or freedombathtubs.com for walk in tubs.

For continued independence and staying at home longer, the next room you should focus on is the kitchen. Accessibility Professionals offers many solutions to create a wheelchair accessible kitchen. Visit freedomliftsystems.com/Wheelchair_Accessible_Kitchen to see what is available.

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