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Create Adaptive Classrooms with an ADA Desk

Our ADA compliant desks meet the requirements for accessibility guidelines for table height ranges and knee clearances for adults and school aged children.  To make sure all students have a comfortable work space to learn and study, have at least one easy access desk in each classroom and study area. To create an inclusive environment, arrange the learning space to allow easy movement throughout the ADA classroom for someone in a wheelchair. Our selection of ADA Desks are all height adjustable, and some are available with a tilt work surface as well. They are designed to accommodate and include all students.

ADA Desks for Office Ergonomics

Height adjustable desks are a great addition to any office or classroom to create an adaptive workspace for anyone in a wheelchair or for health benefits of an ergonomic design. The powered wheelchair accessible computer desk is highly functional, with easy height adjustment for sit-to-stand requirements and wheelchair access with maximum knee space. To improve usability, meet accessibility standards and create an inclusive workspace, choose height adjustable computer tables and desks.

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