Purchase Terms & Conditions


Accessibility Professionals offers a limited manufacturer's warranty on defects in workmanship or material of our products, valid for the specified time from the date of purchase, so long as the product is installed and maintained according to Accessibility Professionals Inc., recommended installation and maintenance procedures.

If Accessibility Professionals Inc.’s inspection of your product or accessory discloses a defect in material or workmanship within the applicable period of coverage, Accessibility Professionals Inc. will, at its election, replace parts or replace the whole unit. Accessibility Professionals Inc. is not responsible for labor charges, installation, or other incidental or consequential costs.

This warranty applies only to the original installation location only. If the product shall prove to have material or manufacturing defects during the warranty period it shall be replaced or have replacement parts sent at the discretion of Accessibility Professionals Inc., after the product is inspected by an authorized representative if necessary. Accessibility Professionals' warranty does not cover labor or other costs to remove or install the product.

The Warranty does not apply to the effects of normal wear and tear. Accessibility Professionals is not liable for any costs, damages or claims resulting from defects that could have been discovered, repaired or avoided by inspection and testing prior to installation.

Warranties are void if products are subject to improper or insufficient maintenance, abuse, misuse, accident or other damage, or if the product is modified or altered in a manner inconsistent with the product as shipped by the Seller. Warranty does not apply to or cover defects, damage or failure caused by the freight carrier, installer, user or other persons.

Accessibility Professionals will not accept any warranty costs which were not agreed on prior to work commencing.

To make a warranty claim, notify Accessibility Professionals within 10 days of discovery of the defect. Be prepared to provide photos of the affected product if requested. In all cases a reasonable time must be allowed for warranty replacements to be sent.


Kitchen lift systems have a 5 year limited warranty

APEB Wheelchair lifts have a 2 year limited warranty on Parts

APFL Wheelchair lifts have a 2 year limited warranty on Parts, (1 year warranty for outdoor lifts)

ADA Desks have a limited lifetime warranty, Motorized and electrical components are covered by 5 year limited warranty.

APQF Pool Lifts have a 5 year structural warranty, AND 5 year pro-rated* electronics warranty: *the first two years are fully covered then the warranted is rated 60%, 50% & 40% factory replacement cost years 3, 4 & 5.  The consumer makes up the 40%, 50% & 60% of the balance years 3, 4, & 5.


Orders can be submitted either online, or by telephone or in writing, payment terms and other order terms are as follows.


Visa, MasterCard, Amex, wire transfer, certified check or money order.


Prepayment in full. Please remit payment to:

Accessibility Professionals Inc. 11 Victoria St, Unit B3 Barrie, Ontario, L4N 6T3

Or call credit card information to 1-877-947-7769.

Or complete purchase online.

Please reference your quote number when submitting payment.

Large projects and repeat customers may apply for credit terms. (some conditions apply)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Submitting an order, either online, by telephone or in writing, will indicate your acceptance of our terms and conditions. Any terms other than what are described in this section, or on a quotation from Accessibility Professionals Inc., are invalid.

PRICES Written quotes are valid for 30 days. We make every effort to ensure that prices, descriptions and pictures are accurate on our website. Should a pricing error occur Accessibility Professionals reserves the right to supply or not supply a product. Prices are subject to change without notice.

SHIPPING & RECEIVING Shipping charges are added to your Invoice and prepaid to the carrier. Accessibility Professionals, reserves the right to ship with a carrier of our choice.

CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES-RECEIVING ORDERS Products are warranted to be inspected and in excellent condition when they leave the shipping dock. Any damage to products, on route, is the responsibility of the freight carrier. Deliveries must be inspected ON THE SPOT prior to signing the delivery report.

Product found to be DAMAGED UPON INSPECTION MUST BE REFUSED and not received from the carrier. Receiver must notify purchaser or contact Accessibility Professionals Customer Service at 1-877-947-7769 immediately if an order has been refused due to damage.


Claims for shortages or incorrect shipments must be noted on the bill of lading with the driver upon delivery, and filed with our customer service department within 48 hours of receipt. Claims after 48 hours may not be honoured.


Every order accepted is subject to, and Seller is excused for a delay in performance caused by, accidents, strikes, riots, labor stoppage, weather conditions, unavoidable casualties, or other causes interfering, obstructing or blocking the usual routes of transportation.


We cannot accept returns of delivered orders or orders already shipped. Changes or cancellations of orders must be made before the order has started manufacturing or before it has shipped. Cancellations may be subject to a restocking charge.


We only charge your credit card the amount that is on your Invoice. We process US orders in US funds and deposit into a US account that is held at a Canadian bank. At no time are these funds exchanged into Canadian dollars. Canadian orders are in Canadian funds and deposit into a Canadian account. Please be aware that Accessibility Professionals Inc. is not responsible for any International Service Fees incurred by the card holder's bank or credit card provider. Please check with your bank or credit card provider regarding fees associated with international transactions.


Accessibility Professionals is not liable for any labor charges, installation, incidental or consequential costs damage or other expense of any kind incurred in connection with the sales or use of our products. We provide spec sheets and information on each product to ensure customers have the information they need to make a decision about what they are purchasing. The purchaser is responsible for making sure the product they are purchasing is the correct size, has the correct handing, serves the purpose needed, and will comply with any safety, ASME, ADA or other codes or requirements deemed by local authorities.

Accessibility Professionals is not liable for any costs, damages or claims incurred for products purchased that will not fit through openings, or existing structures.

Purchaser shall read thoroughly all written quotes and Invoices to make sure Accessibility Professionals has entered the correct information, and shall notify us immediately if there are any corrections to be made. There may be slight differences in the color of materials delivered in relation to the sample shown or provided to the purchaser. The purchaser cannot use such differences to obtain a price discount or to justify the cancellation of the order.