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An Affordable Wheelchair Lift That's Easy to Install

8 Questions to Ask before purchasing a Home Wheelchair lift

Is it necessary?

The most common reasons people call us is because there has been a sudden change in health that requires the use of wheelchair, or because an aging parent is coming to live with them. Our home lift systems are a great solution for allowing access to your home for wheelchair users or aging seniors. For these people, even a few steps can create an impassible barrier. Installing a residential porch lift eliminates a big obstacles for those that are trying to maintain their independence, and stay out of long term care facilities as long as possible.

Why choose a wheelchair lift over a ramp?

Ramps can be more expensive, depending on the required height you need it to go. Ramps take up a lot of space, and require a lot of material and labor to install. They can also hurt the resale value of a home. Residential porch lifts are compact solutions to accessibility, only take a few hours to install and are often more affordable. They can be removed if you need to move to a new location or no longer need the lift.

Who will be using the lift?

Will one person living in the home be using the lift? Or will multiple people be using the lift? Will it only be used for visitors? What is their mobility limitations? Our customer service representatives will benefit from knowing this information, so we can help you determine the best optional features that may be required. Our patented Soft Touch controls are the easiest to use in the industry, reducing the force required to activate the lift. Even someone with limited dexterity can lean on the controls with an elbow or shoulder. You can also add call and send buttons on the upper and lower landings, if the rider cannot operate the controls themselves. An assistant can help them onto the lift, then send the lift up to the landing by using the call/send buttons. This is also helpful if there are multiple users in the home, in cases where the lift is left at the opposite landing. The call buttons can bring the wheelchair lift to the rider.

Do you have the space needed?

Our residential porch lifts are compact, but still need enough space. Make sure you have measured the available space accurately, and allowed for enough room on both landings for a wheelchair to maneuver. ADA suggests a landing space of 48” x 36” to make sure the user can approach the lift easily, and exit safely.

What is the lifting height required?

Measure from ground floor to the height of the upper floor, where you will be exiting. We have two home lift systems to accommodate a 28” maximum lifting height or a 52” maximum lifting height. You will be able to set the lift to stop at the exact height that you need it to when you install it.

Who will install the lift?

Check with local building permit offices to see if there are any local requirements about who can install the residential wheelchair lift. If they don’t have any restrictions, we suggest looking for someone who is CAPS certified (Certified Aging in Places Specialist). The installation of the home lift systems is fairly easy, but does require strong backs to move the heavy lift into place, and a technically savvy person who can follow the installation instructions well. If you or your installer have any questions before or during installation, please call us. The person who installs the unit should also be available to provide annual maintenance and inspections. (Coastal locations will require more frequent maintenance.)

What is your time frame?

One you place an order and make a payment, the factory will send us a submittal form that we will require you to sign off on, approving the handing of the tower side, and additional features of the lift. Once that is return to us signed and dated, the factory will begin productions. Standard units can take up to 2 weeks for manufacturing, plus shipping time from Edmonton, Albert, Canada. Make sure you have allowed enough time for this process, and prepare the job site appropriately.

What features will we need?

We’ve already mentions a few options like the call/send stations, but we also offer other added features which may benefit you. Our standard lifts come with an 8” toe plate, which acts as a ramp to get onto the lift at the lower landing, but also folds up as it lifts to create a barrier on the entrance side. Some users feel more comfortable with the upgrade to an 18” toe plate, providing a longer ramp and taller barrier.

The residential lifts come with a mesh platform, so you can see through the floor as you descend, however, you can upgrade to the solid platform package which includes the 18” toeplate and a safety pan, which triggers the lift to stop immediately if it comes in contact with any obstructions. You can upgrade from the open handrail to a more enclosed lift with the Carriage Gate, Control Wall Extention and Solid Handrail. You can also add an upper landing gate, which comes with an interlock, so it won’t open unless the lift is fully at the upper stop. You can order just the interlock, if you would like to provide your own upper landing gate to match your homes esthetics.

We also offer the DC battery backup system. This is particularly helpful in areas that may have a lot of power outages. That was you won’t need to use the manual crank to complete the lift cycle, if the power goes out while it’s being used. The “Tower of Power” can also be used to power other items in case of an extended power outage.

Outdoor wheelchair lifts for homes that have a small porch are easy to install and use. Affordable interior or exterior wheelchair lifts for home accessibility is often hard to find, but our porch or garage wheelchair lift will make your life easier and offer you more independence. 

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