Wheelchair Lifts

Residential & Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts are Easy & Economical to install

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Wheelchair Platform Lifts

A simple and inexpensive wheelchair porch lift uses less space and is often a much more attractive and affordable solution than the alternative of installing a ramp.

These reliable vertical lifts can be installed outdoors or indoors and are designed to be completely resistant to the harshest weather conditions.

Wheelchair platform lifts for residential and commercial installations are easily installed, and have a lifting range from 28" up to as much as 12 feet (144").

With a lifting capacity of 750 lbs. Freedom vertical lifts can accommodate electric wheelchairs and scooters.

Our systems are an economical way to offer home / building accessibility.

Twenty years of manufacturing experience has resulted in the most durable and economical solution for wheelchair platform lift access in North America.

We will help you have a successful project, starting with offering four categories of wheelchair platform lifts.

Residential lifts for home use provides an attractive and practical solution for making your home accessible for a wheelchair user. 

Residential Porch Lifts offer lifting heights to 72", safety features include a non-slip low platform for easy roll-on/roll-off, a 36" railing, and constant pressure switches.

Residential High Tower Lifts go from 96" to 144" and include additional safety equipment such as a carriage gate and interlocks for an upper gate.

Our Commercial Wheelchair Lifts are ASME 18.1 compliant.  Our experienced team will help support you to ensure you meet your local code requirements, which can be confusing with over 9 different national codes.
Commercial vertical platform lifts include both a  carriage & upper gate with interlocks as well as the emergency alarm and light package.

The Portable Platform Lift is an institutional quality wheelchair lift, which comes with high grade casters making it easy to move from one location to the next.  Portable Lifts have a 550 lbs lifting capacity.

This portable vertical platform lift's low cost and ease of installation make it ideal for commercial applications.  Portable units are exempt from the ASME 18.1 standards making them a very economical way to offer wheelchair access to heights up to 52".

Whatever your wheelchair platform lift needs we will support you with the most economical lifts and customized installation drawings.


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