Residential Porch Lifts

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Residential porch lifts are a simple solution for individuals with mobility issues. Whether you are aging and cannot go up and down the stairs to your front door or you are physically disabled, the porch lift is the best solution for you. No one wants to leave the home they've known for years due to their inability to go up the stairs of a porch, a deck, or a landing. Here at Accessibility Professionals our purpose is to make your life safer and easier. The porch lift is designed for residential use in order to provide you with a safer home environment and one in which you can access your front door. With the addition of a porch lift, you will be able to stay in the home you have lived in for years and adjust it to accommodate your needs and provide you with an overallĀ better quality of life.

A porch can be a large barrier to someone with minor mobility issues let alone others with extreme mobility problems and require a wheelchair. The residential porch wheelchair lifts are designed to be used by every individual with ease. It provides a safe, effortless and smooth transition from a lower flower to an upper floor and vise versa. A household containing a family member using a wheelchair or scooter can use the porch wheelchair lift to make a wheelchair accessible home. In addition individuals with walkers and canes that face challenges going up and down steps will benefit from the residential porch lift that can carry up to 750 pounds. The porch wheelchair lift can vertically transfer you from your porch to your backyard to allow you to go everywhere in and out of your house that you desire.

With a 36 inch railing, a non-slip platform and consistent pressure switches, the safety barriers enable easy and seamless lifting and lowering of weights. The outdoor wheelchair lifts for home is manufactured with top quality products that serve their use in all weather conditions from rain to snow to warm dry days. If the porch lift is not created with the intent of being accessible in all weather conditions it will create a large hazard to the individual utilizing the lift. Therefore, operating in all weather conditions is an extremely crucial aspect of an outdoor wheelchair lift. The physical appearance of this lift plays an essential part in durability and the residential porch lift is completed with an off-white finish.

The outside wheelchair lifts for home use is extremely economical and an inexpensive solution in comparison to alternative costly solutions for lifts. The exterior wheelchair lifts start at $3,684 excluding shipping and installation. Various models exist with different lift heights and varying aspects to accommodate your homes specific needs.


Lift Sizes Available:
Model Lift Height Access Tower Side
APEB28STRLAL 28" Straight Left
APEB28STRLAR 28" Straight Right
APEB28ADJLAL 28" Adjacent Left
APEB28ADJLAR 28" Adjacent Right
APEB52STRLAL 52" Straight Left
APEB52STRLAR 52" Straight Right
APEB52ADJLAL 52" Adjacent Left
APEB52ADJLAR 52" Adjacent Right
APEB72STRLAL 72" Straight Left
APEB72STRLAR 72" Straight Right
APEB72ADJLAL 72" Adjacent Left
APEB72ADJLAR 72" Adjacent Right

Model Seat Top
APCSSB2-180150NA Padded Almond
Model Seat Top
APCSSB2-180150PW Phenolic White Slatted
Model Seat Top
APCSSB2-180150PT Phenolic Woodgrain Slatted

Model Seat Top
APCSSB2-180150PWS Phenolic White Solid
Model Seat Top
APCSSB2-180150PTS Phenolic Woodgrain Solid
Model Finish
APCGB12HCR 222" Peened
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