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52" Portable Wheelchair Lift - Right Access

Wheelchair Stage Lift for schools and churches 1 of 2

52" Portable Wheelchair Lift - Right Access

  • time 3-4 weeks manufacturing time

MUST Choose your State/Prov for Regional Requirements for Portable Lifts (R)

Make Your Venue or Event Wheelchair Accessible with a Portable Stage Wheelchair Lift 

The Freedom Portable Wheelchair Stage Lift provides safe wheelchair access to stages in schools, places of worship or for temporary use at conferences or sporting events. If limited space and budget are making it difficult to find a platform lift for occasional or temporary use, then Freedom Lifts Systems are the solution. The portable platform lifts are affordable, easy to set up and made with lightweight materials to make transport easy when it’s not in use.

Having a portable wheelchair lift on site, means that individuals who rely on the use of a wheelchair or scooter can participate in events in a safe and comfortable way. For commercial use in a public building, the portable wheelchair platform lift provides multipurpose accessibility.

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Over 30,000 Happy Customers!

We received the lift last Thursday and installed it on Saturday. It is working great and my parents now can come and go on their own. Thanks to you and Accessibility Professional's Team for your prompt service! 

Eugene Smyth,

Simsbury, CT

The lift is wonderful. My mom feels so independent because she can push the up and down buttons herself. It was easily installed and we love it.

E Scardino,

Tafoya Plumbing

It was very easy to put together. It's built well. Everything was perfect...It worked out very well.

Mary and Bob Leonard,

Boston, MA

Staff were very informative. Lift arrived even sooner than expected. Works great. Patty (ALS) is able to get out of the house independently for the first time in 1.5 years. Sor far so good. We had contractor for our remodel install it...I "sing your praises" to everyone in our group. In our small yard, a ramp woudl have consumed 1/2 of it. The lift makes us all happy!

Merryl Mix,

Portland OR