52" Adjacent Left Access Wheelchair Porch Lift

52" Adjacent Left Access Wheelchair Porch Lift

Needs upgrade for ASME 18.1 Compliance

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2-3 weeks manufacturing time
2-3 weeks manufacturing time
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2-3 weeks manufacturing time

Product Highlights:

  • Maximum lifting height 52”
  • 750lbs weight capacity
  • 8 feet/minute lift speed
  • Smooth and quiet performance
Product Overview

Product Overview

Do you want to make your home accessible for yourself or a family member? Freedom Wheelchair porch lifts for home could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Relying on a wheelchair, scooter or a walker for mobility can limit your independence, especially if your home has a raised porch or steps at the entrance. Adding a wheelchair platform lift to your home can keep you safe and independent longer, improving your overall quality of life.

A Quiet, Compact, and Affordable Wheelchair LIft.

The Freedom residential porch lifts are quiet, compact and more affordable than adding a long ramp. Outdoor wheelchair lifts are easy and quick to install. At Accessibility Professionals, we understand the importance of aging at home and want to help make your home safe to live in, with a Freedom Lift System.


  • Maximum lifting height 52” (adjustable to actual landing height.)
  • Tower located on the left at lower access
  • Adjacent access to accommodate a wheelchair turning to get off the lift 
  • 750lbs weight capacity
  • 8 feet/minute lift speed
  • Constant pressure Soft Touch control pads for easy operation
  • Sturdy and durable weather resistant design
  • 8” positive action folding toe plate
  • Zero load start for cold weather climates
  • Fuse box and mechanics easily accessible from top or carriage side
  • Smooth and quiet performance


  • Upgrade to DC Power battery backup
  • Color upgrade to all black
  • 4 styles of remote call stations
  • Residential Safety package upgrade: Solid platform with a safety pan,18” toe plate, solid handrail and control wall extension*
  • Carriage gate, with control wall extension and solid handrail
  • Upper landing gate with interlock
  • Interlock only for customer supplied upper landing gate

*Residential safety package is required to meet latest ASME requirements, for residential lifts that require an inspection. 


Product Specification Sheet (PDF) 02/07/2018 2.45MB
Dimension drawing (PDF) 02/07/2018 134.42KB
Installation (PDF) 02/07/2018 2.6MB
Lift Owners Manual 02/07/2018 494.24KB
Lift Maintenance Manual 02/07/2018 489.25KB


Freedom Wheelchair Lift for Home

The Freedom Wheelchair Platform Lift can be installed outdoors as a porch lift, the lift is designed to be resistant to harsh weather.

Install A Wheelchair Platform Lift

Install a wheelchair lift 

Receiving your Freedom Residential Wheelchair Lift