Freedom Lift Systems, from Accessibility Professionals Inc., deliver wheelchair accessible solutions for your home, school, and workplace, supporting a wide selection of applications. Freedom Lift Systems can help make any building fully accessible.

Freedom Kitchen Lifts make kitchen cabinets, counters, sinks and appliances accessible from a wheelchair. A universal design kitchen opens up opportunities for independent living. Wheelchair vertical platform lifts offer are a convenient and economical way to enter your residence or place of work or study. For projects we can create CAD drawings. Choose from a variety of Freedom Lift Systems to accommodate your unique needs.

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  • Kitchen Cabinet & Shelving Lifts

    Kitchen Cabinet & Shelving Lifts

    Diagonal Cabinet Lifts & Vertical Shelving Lifts offer wheelchair accessible kitchen cabinet & shelving solutions.
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  • Kitchen Counter<br> Lifts

    Kitchen Counter

    Wheelchair accessible Kitchen Counter & Worktop Lifts make kitchen easier to use.
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  • Wheelchair Platform Lifts

    Wheelchair Platform Lifts

    Wheelchair Porch Lifts for Residential &  Commercial Applications, offering vertical lifting heights  up to 12 foot.
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  • Other Household Lifts

    Other Household Lifts

    Other household lifts such as Appliance Lifts & Closet Coat Lifts assist in household organizing & accessibility.
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Cabinet and Shelving Lifts

Upper wall cabinets are now accessible to people who are mobility challenged, in wheelchairs and those of smaller stature. 

The "Diago"  is a diagonal lift for upper wall cabinets. 

The "Verti"  is a vertical shelf lift allowing shelves from upper wall cabinets to be lowered to counter level.

The Diago and Verti models are available in many standard sizes to meet your needs.

We can help you find the right accessible kitchen cabinet solutions for your home.

Kitchen Counter Lifts

A counter/worktop lift offers the convenience of variable heights. It makes the kitchen an easier place, for individuals in wheelchairs, taller adults and many others.

With the " BaseLift" the counter is adjusted to the optimal height simply by pushing a button.  The lift is installed along a straight wall and allows installation of an inset sink unit, stove tops and drawers.

The "SlimLift" can be mounted free-standing and used with or without fronts.

Wheelchair Platform Lifts

A vertical porch lift provides an attractive and practical solution for making your home accessible for a wheelchair user.

A simple and inexpensive wheelchair lift uses less space and is often a much more attractive solution than the alternative of installing a ramp.

These reliable porch lifts can be installed outdoors or indoors and are designed to be completely resistant to the harshest weather conditions.

We offer residential, commercial and portable wheelchair platform lift solutions.

Wheelchair accessible vertical platform lifts are easily installed, lift up to 750 lbs. and have a lifting range from 28" up to as much as 12 feet (144").

Our systems are a very economical way to offer home and building accessibility.

Other Household Lifts

The "UniLift" allows kitchen appliances to be conveniently stored out of sight. With the push of a button, the appliance raises to meet you and can stop at any height.  The UniLift is typically mounted in the base of a lower kitchen cabinet and can lift heavy kitchen appliances quickly and easily.

The "CoatLift" automated wardrobe lift is the ideal closet organizer.  The closet lift mounts inside the wardrobe or closet and lowers clothes, in a quiet and curved motion, to within a comfortable reach for a seated person.


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