ADA Desks in Various Heights

Greatly improve learning and work environments by creating an inclusive atmosphere for everyone. The flexibility of adjustable height workstations meet ADA desk requirements, so you can meet the needs of wheelchair users in the classroom or office. Read More...

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Adjustable ADA Table 48” x 30” Top-mount Crank

US$1,093.00 US$939.00

Save 14%

Model #: APUEQ4830TC

Adjustable ADA Table 48” x 30” Under-mount Crank

US$1,018.00 US$875.00

Save 14%

Model #: APUEQ4830UC

Accessible ADA Workstation 36" x 30"

US$541.00 US$471.00

Save 13%

Model #: APUKA3630

Accessible Tilt ADA Workstation 36" x 30"

US$608.00 US$529.00

Save 13%

Model #: APUKA3630-T

Powered Accessible ADA Desk 48” x 30”

US$2,180.00 US$1,940.00

Save 11%

Model #: APUVX4830

Powered Accessible ADA Desk 60” x 30”

US$2,333.00 US$2,076.00

Save 11%

Model #: APUVX6030

Adjustable ADA Desk with Storage 40” x 24”

US$541.00 US$471.00

Save 13%

Model #: APUKA4024CR

Adjustable Tilt ADA Desk with Storage 40” x 24”

US$608.00 US$529.00

Save 13%

Model #: APUKA4024CR-T

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Create Adaptive Classrooms with an ADA Desk

Our ADA-compliant desks meet the accessibility guidelines for table height ranges and knee clearances for adults and school-aged children.  To ensure all students have a comfortable workspace to learn and study, have at least one easy-access desk in each classroom and study area. To create an inclusive environment, arrange the learning space to allow easy movement throughout the ADA classroom for someone in a wheelchair. Our selection of ADA Desks are all height adjustable, and some are available with a tilt work surface. They are designed to accommodate and include all students.

ADA Desks for Office Ergonomics

Height-adjustable desks are a great addition to any office or classroom to create an adaptive workspace for anyone in a wheelchair or for the health benefits of an ergonomic design. The powered wheelchair accessible computer desk is highly functional, with easy height adjustment for sit-to-stand requirements and wheelchair access with maximum knee space. To improve usability, meet accessibility standards, and create an inclusive workspace, choose height-adjustable computer tables and desks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an ADA desk height?

From section 902 of the ADA guidelines, the tops of work surfaces shall be between 28-34 inches above the finished floor. For children’s use (over the age of 5), tops of tables shall be between 26-30 inches above the finished floor. There also needs to be a clear floor space for knee and toe clearance and forward approach to the work station.

Our ADA desks are adjustable between more than these heights to accommodate a wider range of users.  

Where are the ADA Desks made?

ADA height adjustable desks are proudly made in the USA.

Are there color options for the ADA Desks?

Choose from 6 colors of laminate top finishes with a finished vinyl edge.

The 2 colour options for the base is Almond and Graphite Silver Base color.  The base is made of powder coated steel column frame.

Click “See options” on a product page to choose your color.

What is the best ADA work space option to create an inclusive classroom?

The ADA tables with hand cranks are height adjustable to create sit or stand options, accessible to all students. They feature an easy to turn hand-crank for accessible adjustment of the work surface. A hand-crank on the wheelchair accessible tales are ideal when frequent height adjustments are needed to accommodate multiple age groups and different wheelchair sizes and styles.

What types of ADA work stations do you have available?

  • Adjustable ADA table with top mount crank
  • Adjustable ADA table with under-mount crank
  • Accessible ADA workstation
  • Accessible Tilt ADA workstation
  • Powered Accessible ADA Desk
  • Adjustable ADA with Storage
  • Adjustable Tile ADA desk with storage

Do the height-adjustable desk options come in different table top configurations?

Yes, some of our desk offer different table top configurations The options are Rectangular Eased, Rectangular and Rectangular with Comfort Recess.

How does the hand crank work on the ADA top mount crank?

The hand crank is an easy to turn hand-crank adjustment for the table top, 7 cranks per inch.

Can I add locking casters to the desk?

Yes, locking casters are an add on option for an additional charge.  Add locking casters for stability and portability.

How far does the Adjustable ADA desk tilt?

The tilting table top tilts from 0° to 50°.

How does the Powered Accessible ADA desk work?

This table system operates on standard 110V, electric motor UL listed.

This wheelchair accessible computer desk features an extra-low and extra-high vertical range adjustment to fit any sit-to-stand requirements. Powered push button controls can be mounted on either side of the adjustable height desks.

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