Verti Shelving Lifts 15" - 39"

Verti Shelving Lifts 15" - 39"

Model: 830_VERTI_15-39INCH

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Model: 830_VERTI_15-39INCH

Product Highlights:

  • Fits inside existing kitchen cabinets
  • 88lb weight capacity
  • Motor Driven
  • Sides on shelves keep dishes inside shelves
Product Overview

Product Overview

The Verti Kitchen Cabinet shelf lifts raise and lower cupboard shelves smoothly and quietly, so the contents of the cupboard can be accessed from a seated position, creating accessible kitchen cabinets in your home.

An ADA Compliant Cabinet Lift Without Major Renovations

The Vertical Shelf lift is one of the easiest systems to incorporate into your wheelchair accessible kitchen, as it can fit inside most new or existing cupboards without having to extend them out from the wall. All you have to do is remove the existing shelves and bottom of the cabinet before installing, and you will have universal design kitchen cabinets.

Designing ADA kitchens to meet the needs of all family members is now easier with the Verti electric shelf lift from Freedom Lift Systems. ADA kitchen cabinets are accessible to every person who uses the kitchen and now you can have them in your home, without major renovations.

Cabinet Shelf Lift Features:

  • Fits inside existing kitchen cabinets
  • 88lb weight capacity
  • Motor Driven
  • Can be stopped at an optional height
  • Fits in wall cabinets with heights 27.56”/70 cm or higher
  • Sides on shelves prevent dishes being placed outside the shelves
  • Equipped with reliable safety system to prevent crushing
  • Vertical shelf lifts are made by Granberg in Sweden. 

Choose from the following sizes when adding to your shopping cart: 

Model #  Description (Cabinet width)  Shelf width
830-04001  15.75"/40cm wide Verti Shelf Lift   12.25” 
830-05001  19.75"/50cm wide Verti Shelf Lift   16.25” 
830-06001  23.75"/60cm wide Verti Shelf Lift   20.25” 
830-07001  27.5"/70cm wide Verti Shelf Lift   24.25” 
830-08001   31.5"/80cm wide Verti Shelf Lift   28”
830-09001  35.5"/90cm wide Verti Shelf Lift   32"
830-10001  39.5"/100cm wide Verti Shelf Lift   36”



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Verti Shelf Lift

The Verti cabinet shelf lift in action